Why are families important ?  (compunere in engleza)

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The best day of my life was when I was taken in Netherlands. It happened in 2014, when I was 14 years old. I went in Amsterdam with a very comfortable bus, with a classmate of mine.The house, which we had to stay in was surrounded by a very beautiful and huge garden. In the courtyard there was a swimming pool and a spring board. We especially enjoyed the spring board. That family was very rich so they took us to the Zoo, cinema, amusement parca, motorcycling, boating...etc. They bought us many toys, and fancy clothes.In a very sunny day the family decided to take us to the seaside. I was very excited and impatient, because I have never seen the sea before.It was amazing, it seemed to be the paradise. We swam in the sea, collected shells, we also visited an underwater museum, and we had lots of fun. When we got home from the beach, a reporter was waiting for us in the front of the house.He said that our family won a lottery. We got some delicious food.The reporter took a photo of all of us, and the next day we appeared in the first page of the newspaper. It was unforgettable. We were so happy thanks to that devoted family. I hope that I will go back there again, but this time with my family. This was the best day of my life  P.S:Compunerea care am facut-o cu o colega sper sa te ajute :-) ♥

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