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He comes from a family of artists. His father, George Traistariu, was one of the greatest painters of Piatra Neamt, and his mother, Natalia Traistariu, (born Natalia Antohi) studied medicine and performed in youth. Michael has 3 brothers Geanina Constantine and Basil. All four brothers studied one instrument: Mihai - piano, Geanina - violin, Vasile - all piano and Constantin - trumpet, harmonica and guitar. Being born into a family of artists, Michael has shown interest in music from an early age, studying piano at age 7 and even then with remarkable results in the field. Olympic spending their childhood as mathematics and initial desire to become a scientist or mathematician, Mihai Trăistariu gradually changing interests and aspires to become a famous singer after he heard on the radio voice of the famous singer Mariah Carey, being fascinated by Its outstanding vocal performance and the extent of his extraordinary voice: five octaves. Michael sang such grabs more of a desire to 5 octaves, rather than pursuing a career out of it. Between 1996-1998 he takes part in 18 national competitions musical interpretation, each time getting awards, seven of which are trophies. In 1998 he noted manufacturer Sony Music label - Romania, which signed a contract for 5 years.Between 1996-1998 part in 18 national competitions for interpretation, receiving an award winning each time 7 times grand prize (the trophy).Since 1998 the band played the successful Wallachia, then began a career as a soloist.He obtained the highest score Eurovision Romanian history: 172 points.Won the title of "Best Voice of Romania" in 5 of the 10 of his career: in 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2007 [citation needed].Won 5 times the title of "Best male voice in Romania": in 2000, 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2013 and was nominated for another 5 times.After Eurovision 2006 song was "Tornero" has been broadcast in over 30 countries in Europe.Currently has signed contracts with record labels in 15 countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark with Warner Brothers; Greece and Cyprus with Planet Works; for Germany, Austria, Switzerland Jupiter Records; Template Records for Malta; Spain and Portugal with Vale Music; Garden Records for England; and for Romania and Moldova to ROTON. His albums are sold in all of these 15 countries, and videos and his songs are broadcast on TV and radio in all these 15 countries.Michael is the only Romanian artist who has two stars on the Walk of Fame. The artist received a star in Malta, on Bay Street in 2007 and one in Romania, in 2009, the Walk of Fame in Mangalia, star that has received the festival Callatis. Michael becomes the only Romanian star on Walk of Fame is in another country.Michael is the only double-Romanian artist honorary citizen. In 2006 he received the title of honorary citizen of Piatra Neamt, his hometown; and in 2009 received the title of honorary citizen of the city of Mangalia.On January 6, 2010, the Mayor of Calarasi has awarded the "Key City Calarasi".He was nominated 2 times so far - "Artist of the Year" in Romania: in 2000 and 2006.It is in the TOP 100 - Romanian largest of all time!After Eurovision foreigners have given Michael prizes of all kinds: the best male voice (Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Sweden), the hit of the year - "Tornero" (Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Sweden, Iceland, Belarus, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova)

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