Vreau si eu o continuare la textu asta: I walking down the road when I see it a young man in front of me. He looking at me a flower. He was so absorbed in what do it that he not noticing me. There was something strange about him, judging from the way he he wearing.While he collected some flower seeds I taked his photo. It was obvious theat he didn't expect it. By the way he looking at me I understanding he was alien. It was a bit of shock for me. I couldn't move or shout for help. I was just standing in the path, looking at him while he was slowly approaching me. Then I noticing his friendly face and encouraging smile ....

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Then the young men started running away.While he was running he was looking at my head.Then above my head a giant insect flyed.I understood why he was running,that insect is very dangerous so I felt lucky because the insect didn"t harmed me

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