vreau sa ma ajutati si pe mine sa fac un referat in limba engleza despre un obiect ?

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Cell phones A cell phone is a very common device nowadays.It is portable ,so people can easily carry it anywhere,besides it has rather small sizes so people can slip it in a pocket or a purse. It is very useful because it can be used not only to call or receive calls but it is a substitute for a computer,meaning  text messaging (SMS), MMS, email, Internet access.It is provided with infrared, Bluetooth too.People can take  and digital photographs,or make videos. Music can be listen to a cell phone and it can also record. It is provided with a battery that must be recharged periodically. The latest version of a cell phone is with touch screen and predictions for texting in 2 or 3 languages. All in all it is a must -have. explicatie  pt tine  must-have inseamna ceva ce trebuie neaparat sa ai

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