Va rog sa ma ajutati repede !!! Am nevoie de un referat in limba engleza despre animale Va rog!!! Dau coroana!!!

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It is the known and the rarest species of animals in the whole world.In liberty,there are some individuals but in the last years,the people from the nature protection,have made,significant efforts to help them.After some estimations in present,there are about 700 individuals in liberty,and about 120,in zoos.Panda bear is so know and popular in the whole world ,because it has an attractive aspect and it's very easy to be recognized.His constitution is fat ,specific to bears;the fond color is white,and the feet ,shoulders and the chest are black;the fur is also black in the ears are and around the eyes They eyes are small,like cat's eyes,the pupils are vertical.One of the main caracteristic is the ,,second thumb" wich is present on each pad.These suplimentar fingers descend from the joint,and they have an important port in catching the food.In lyberty ,big panda is found only in some isolated ares of some wet cool forest,situated at 1200-1400m in the central mountains of Southern China.Her it's favorite food,the bamboo tree grows.The leaf, the steam and the tiller of the bamboo are the principal food of the panda.The daily portion of an adult is 10-20kg of bamboo,but it eats more if it has the possibility.It eats with pleasure other vegetal substances,too.

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