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Un dialog intre doua persoane in care se vorbeste despre redacarate your own bedroom

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Sarah:hi,Mia  Mia:Hi Sarah:i cant wait to redecorate my bedroom Mia:wow,and how you want to redecorate it? Sarah:well,i was tinking to have some pink walls,and purple floor,i want have a big and massive bed that will be pink and purple with a little of white  Mia:wow thats awesome! and how do you want to have your wardrobe? Sarah:well i want it to be white and pink,my room will bwe the most awesome!  Mia:and do you want the TV in your room? Sarah:of course,i want the TV to be in front of the bed so i can stay in the bed e watch the TV. Mia:wow Sarah you are right your bedroom will bw the best! SPER CA ITI PLACE SI CA TIAM FOST DE AJUTOR :)

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