Trebuie sa fac un eseu de o pagina in limba engleza, despre cum sa mananci sanatos. Ma poate ajuta cineva ?

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     What meens to eat something good ,healthy? For me to eat something healthy meens to eat vegetables,a lot of fruits and the most important ....a cooked meal ,not fast food .In our lifes ,we need a varied   schedule.The breakfast must to have a lot of proteins ,and also a lot of vitamins ,thats meens fruits and vegetables ,but we can eat also something else ,like a piece of breed with honey and a glass of milk or some cereals.At lunch ,we can eat a soupe ,a steak with some boild vegetables ,and at the dessert we can eat also a slice of cake with fruits or with cream .At the dinner it's indicated to eat something light like fish or a fruit salad or a vegetable salad .      Now everybody says were is the chocholate or french fries ...The thing is that these aliments ar very unhealthy ,but if we can't give up for them ,we can eat on time to time if we definetly can't refrain .    My message for you all is that we need a healthy life so eat healthy aliments!!

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