Read and complete in your notebook.Use:on,in,at. Saturday is my favorite day.1)... Saturday i get up 2) ... ten o'clok 3)...the morning and i have breakfast.Then i go to park and play with my friends.4)...one o'clok i have lunch and 5)... the afternoon i watch TV.6)... the evening i go to the cinema with my friends.I go to bed 7)...ten o'clok 8)... night. Vă rog să îl traduceți în română.

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1-On 2-At 3-In 4-At 5-In 6-In 7-At 8-At Îți dau un sfat:completează ăla cu astea si după aia scrie tot textul pe Google translate Sper ca te-am ajutat!

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