Cine ma ajuta si pe mine cu o compunere? Trebuie sa descriu un oras dar sa fie in elgleza:D orasul Cluj as vrea.

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Cluj County is a county situated in the central-western Romania, in the center of the historical province of Transylvania. It borders the counties of Salaj, Maramures, Bistrita Nasaud, Mures, Alba and Bihor. It was established in 1968. Cluj County has an area of ​​6674 km ², representing 2.8% of Romania. County is a hilly and mountainous. Nearly a quarter (24%) of the county is mountainous, occupied the Apuseni Mountains with heights of up to 1,800 meters, located in the southwestern part of the county. The rest of the surface is formed of 76% of the hills and valleys of Transylvania Somes Plateau and Plain. Terraces and floodplains of the lower sectors of Somes Mic and Aries compensate lack plains.

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