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Buna! Ma puteti ajuta cu un e-mail catre un prieten in limba engleza , spunandu-i cum mi-am petrecut vacanta?

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Hello ,my friend..my vacation I spend at the summer camp, play with my friend, I went to my grandparentes, and play computer games.,,but  the coolest I like the see.... mai departe spui si tu cum se numea tabara unde ai fost (si daca ai fost) unde ai fost la mare si cu cine ..si tot asa mai departe


Hi Emma! I'm back from holiday and connected back to civilization. I did not write to you for such a long time because I spent all my summer holiday in a small village in the mountains, and there was no internet connection there. The village is so small that if I tell you its name, I'm not sure that you will find it on the map! But it was fantastic! At the beginning, almost everyday hiking up and down the hills, breathing the fresh and unpolluted air. One day, my cousin took me to a stable not far from the village and I had the great oportunity to ride a horse! After an hour or so on the back of the horse it seemed to be quite painful and the next days I didn't want to hear about horses or riding. However, when I was able to walk properly again, the first thing was to ask my cousing to take me to the stable. Since then, I used to ride every day and I decided to spend my next holiday there. Emma dear, I am looking forward to receiving your message with new about your holiday. Kindest regards Larisa

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