Change the sentences to the required form. 01-They are cleaning the room.(interrogative) 02-She washes the dishes every day.(negative) 03-He will come soon.(negative) 04-They began to work in May.(interrogative) 05-We didn´t live in Lodon last year.(affirmative) 06-She likes to work.(negative) 07-Susan bought a beautiful dress.(interrogative) 08-We are not going to the club now.(interrogative) 09-I didn´t fine an old book in the park.(affirmative) 10-They were studying five minutes ago.(negative) Se alguem puder ajudar,agradeço.

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are they cleaning the room? she washes not the dishes every day he won't come soon are thet began to work in may? we lived in london last year. she likes not to work did susan bought a beautiful dress? are we going to the club now? i found(acho que o verbo que vc quis colo0car era find) an old book in the park. they weren't studing five minutes ago.

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