50 pontos... 1) Complete the chart with the appropriate about the school project. Project name Duration Inspiration The foundation and people involved 2) Read the text on pag 42 again, complete the questions using the words from the box, and then answer them. Chicken-wire only items recycled tree a) What were the /items used to make the tree? b) were did the / to build the tree come from? c) what was the/ item used to build t the tree that was not recycled? d) what was the /used for? e) where was the /displayed? why? After reading . Onde of the students sair " The três taught me that if se work together to recycle and cherish the environment, others will follow". Do you agree whit her? why? why not? Responder e traduzir todas as questões, texto e respostas.

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arts in Project 6 months desire to educate peers about the amount of waste coming from their cafeterias and classroms on a daily basis MGR foundation students at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Old Milk cranes,string,paper,lunch trays etc. from the School chicken wire to sculp the trunk in the midle of the cafeteria to remind people of the importance of the words "reduse,reuse,recicle" your opinion i can not answer for you hope it helps!

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