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1.Rewerite the text "my Daly routine" to the 3rd person singular fazer um texto o mesmo mais colocar em terceira pessoa por favor me ajudam

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Obs: irei usar o he e o they como terceira pessoa!  Some of his friends think he has a boring daily routine, but he likes it. He usually gets ups t about 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning, after his alarm clocks wakes him up. First, he brushes his teeth, and shaves, and washes his face. Then, he gets dressed and goes downstairs to has breakfast with his family. He always has coffee, cereal, and lots of fruits. That’s him in the picture with his wife. He takes a bus to work because he doesn’t like to drive, and he always arrives at his office before 8:00. He is never late for work. Five o’clock is his favorite time of the day because he finishes work and goes home and sees his wife and two children again. They eat dinner together in their dining room at around 6:00, and after that, he hangs out with his wife and kids at home. They really enjoy watching their favorite TV programs together, but two or three times a week he does exercises in the evening, so he can stay strong and healthy. This is very important! Finally, at about 9:30, he goes to bed, reads for a while, and then falls asleep. Sure, some people think his daily routine is a little boring – but on weekends and holidays, he loves to flies airplanes for fun!

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