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Zad.1 Put the verbs in backets into the present simple or present continuos. 1.A: Where's Peter? B: He....(study) for an exam in his room night now. 2. A: I usually...(play) basketball on Tuesday afernoons B: Really? I...(have) a dance lesson then. 3. A: Why... (you/carry) an umbrella? B: Oh, because it...(rain) outside. 4. A: What...(they/do) B: They...(watch) Tv 5. A: What...(you/do) at the moment? B: I...(cook) dinner Zad.2 Put the verbs in brackets into the present continuous or the present simple Dear Alice, Greeting from Australia! My family and I a)...(have) a wonderful time in Sydney! The weather 2)... (be) lovely and we 3)...(be) at the beach. At the moment , I 4)...(sit) on my towel and I 5)...(sunbathe). Mum 6)...(swim) in the sea. Mary and Jimmy 7)... (play) in the water and they 8)...(get) wet! Dad and Tommy 9)...(make) a sandcastle. We 10)...(swim) and we 11)...(sunbathe) every day and at night we 12)...(eat) in a restaurant and then we 13)...(go) for a walk. We 14)...(love) it here! Proszę bardzo!!!! Pilne, na jutro!!!!

(1) Odpowiedź

1. is studying 2. play 3. have 4. are you carrying 5. is raining 6. do they do 7. watch 8. are you doing 9. am cooking have is are am sitting am sunbathing is swimming are playing are getting are making swim sunbathe eat go love

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