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Proszę napisać mi jak się to czytaa błagam!! DAM NAJ! plisss !        Visit Loch Ness and meet the friendly monster, Nessie! Every year hundreds oh people travel to this beautiful lake, Loch Ness, in Scotland. People come here to see the famous Loch Ness Monster. What is it? Does it exist? We don't know, but everyone likes looking for it!!       Visitors walk in the mountains, cycle around the laker or play golf. Not many people swim in the lake- it's very cold! The average temperature of the water is ten degress centigrade. There are bout tours in the lake between June and Septemberer. The people in this boat are looking for the monster. Other local attractions include Inverness Castle and Urquhart Castle.

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wisit loch ness end mit de frendli monster Nessi! Evri jer handreds of pipl trawel tu dis biutiful lejk , loch ness in skotlend. Pipl kame hir tu si (czyt . "s i" a nie śi) de fejmos loch ness monster . łat is it ? Daz it eksajst ? Łi dont noł bat ewriłan lajks luking for it .    Wisitors łolk in de moutens , sajkl arałnd de lejker or plej golf , Not meny pipl słim in de lejk - its wery kold ! De awrejdż temperejczer  of de łoter is ten digris sentigrejd . Der ar baut tors  in de lejk bitłin Dżun end September . De pipl in dis bołt ar luking for de monster. Ader lokal etrekszons inklud Inwernes Kastl end Urkuart Kastl .

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