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4.Writing.   Zaplanujcie wspólną podróż wakacyjną, znaczając  wybrane odpowiedzi z kwestionariusza.                                           Our trip  1.What are you going to visit?      the seaside                      the mountains                     a lake   2.How much time are you going to spend there?    three days              a week            two weeks   3.How are you going to travel there?   by train                  by coach              by plane   4.Where are you going to to stay?     in a hostel             in a hotel            on a campsite   5.What are you going to do?   We're going to the mountains.We're going for two weeks..... 

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We're going to the mountains for three days. Here we are going by plane.  I think think it would be cool. We`re stop in five-stars hotel. Then we have planned a lot of interest. First , we're going to the SPA for two hours. I'ts fantastic. After, we're going to the small town on the souvenirs.

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