Vous étes un "Pilgrim" et vous expliquez à vos descendants pourquoi vous avez quitté l'Angleterre, comment s'est passé votre voyage et votre arrivée en

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Ps je parle a la 3eme pers du pluriel The pilgrims left england in september 1620 to escape religious persecution They travelled from plymounth , england , on a boat called the mayflower There were 102 passengers and they spent 3months a the sea the conditions on the boat was very hard/rough they arrived in plumouth , Massachusetts (america) in december 1620 The first winter was terrible . It was very cold and it snowed a lot , and fifty per cent of the pilgrims died of hunger But the Native Americans (the indians) helped them . They showed them how to plant and grow corn , how to fish ... Thanks to (grace aux) the Indians , thr Pilgrims had a lot of food for the following winter (l'hiver suivant) in the autumn of 1621 the Pilgrims had a big dinner to thank God and they invinted rhe Indians to join the celebration (Autre phrase si tu veux en rajouter) In 1863 president Lincoln decided it would be a national holiday in america . Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth thursday of november . Voila !

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