Synthèse/aide Bonjour je voulais vous demander si mon introduction pour ma synthèse en anglais veut dire quelque chose Merci d'avance We will talk about the notion Myths and Heroes. To begin I would like to give a definition.of this notion. A Myths is traditional story involving a heroe or a god, a kind of legend, or a typical ancient story . A Heroes is  person admired for his courage, brave acts, savior, model, risques his own life to save people, physical an spiritualy strong. Each book, each movie possesses a hero. They represent an ideal, they are models, and they embody values. Some people are considered like heroes on the real life too because they do extraordinary things or they promote a great message. They are symbols of peace, fight against racism, or equality. But a hero is not a model for everybody. We may wonder : To what extent a hero must suffer to become a myth or a legend ? In the first part, we will talk about that

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three or four hero but when you are reat for amus or for talk you can mett 2 hero 

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