Salut, j'ai un devoir en anglais et je n'y arrive pas ! Il faut faire deux phrase pour comparer le collège français et le collège anglais ! Il faut donc des phrases comme ce ci ! J'ai des idées mais je n'arrive pas a les mettre en anglais !    *Je commence les cours a 8h et les Anglais commence a 9h  Le problème c'est que je veux pas google traduction !

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1. French pupils don't have to wear uniform 2. They are allowed out of school at lunch time 3. There are no form teachers 4. French pupils are allowed to smoke in the yard 5. They learn English in Primary 6. They have to buy all their own materials, in some cases, their textbooks too 7. They generally (depending on the region) have Wednesday afternoons off, however they do have to go in on a Saturday morning. 8. The school day is longer - they start at 8 normally & lessons can go on til 5 9. Different exams - they don't do GCSE & A Levels. 10. They eat differently at lunch time - they don't take in sandwiches, they often eat a large lunch at home.

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