quelqu'un pourrait corriger mon texte d'anglais s'il vous plait,(sans google traduction ^^) Je dois "draw a portrait of the archetypal outlaw (characteristics,aims...) and give example in the anglo-saxon culture.How can an outlaw be considered as a hero ? according to the dictionary,an outlaw is someone who is excluded of the protection of the law,Most of them are strong,they have got bad intention and want to win money. He can became a model for a lot of people first of all if they risked their life for freedom and equalities like Nelson Mandela during the apartheid. then the archetype of outlaw is to defend them and protect people against enemy like robin hood. they can be crazy too and want to kill every body for money oder the power like the Joker in Batman but they aren't an icon. So in my opinion outlaw can be considered as a hero when he had risk his life,or defend himself,protect people,and then finally if they are free like bonnie and clyde. merci d'avance

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He can become* and to* protect against enemies* and finally* when he is* free

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