Oral /Mythes et héros Bonjour, j'ai mon oral d'anglais dans une semaine et j'aimerais savoir si mon intro est bien s'il vous plaît. Merci d'avance pour vos réponses. I'm going to speak about Myth and Heros. I have chosen to discuss the American dream . The American dream is an ideal for people who dream of equality and liberty . Some people left their native country in order to have a better life,some want to have a good job. The notion American dream has been used for the first time by James Truslow in is book The Epic of America published in 1931 We can wonder whether A.D is a myth or reality ? First of all with the positives aspects i'm going to show why many peoples speaks about american dream than despites the positives aspect the American dream is very hard to achieve .

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not bad but i didn't like the begening cause you got straight to the point . hereis a idea  hello,as we all know i going to talk about a subject about Myth and heroes .so i have  chosen to discuss the american dream  

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