Bonjours j'aimerais raconter le film les prof 1 et le traduire en ANGLAIS et dire pourquoi je les aimer Mais je n'y arrive vraiment pas Pourriez vous m'aidez svp c'est notée

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Tu peut dire j'ai aimer le film car il était drôle : I liked the movie because it was funny  Le film raconte l'histoire des pires profs de France qui ont sauvées un collège : The movie tells the story of the worst teachers in France who saved college J'ai essayer de traduire donc si sa peut t'aider...


The film " Les profs" is a French movie in wich Pierre francois Martin Laval was the producer. This is the story of the Jules Ferry high school who has just 12% sucess for the High school diploma.  The school inspector propose to the boss of this school to hire the worst teacher.  Serge (named Tirocu) who said " Today, we invented an exercise and when it's done, we correct it, alone and in silence, HOP, let's go!" Gladys the english teacher who launches chalk.  Albert, a weird chimy teacher who love taking risk.  Amina, the sexy french teacher.  Eric, a PE teacher adept to the dangerous exercises. Maurice a philosophy teacher who make very long sentence.   Antoine Polochon,a history teahcer who love Napoleon, and who had never got his CAPES. The famous Kev Adams play the caracter of Boulard and thanks to him, at the end everybody get the diploma.  This is a good movie ! Hope that you'll see it ! 

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