Bonjours à tous,  Je prépare actuellement mon oral d'anglais, je n'ai pas un niveau exceptionnel en anglais c'est pourquoi je souhaiterai que quelqu'un puisse m'aider à corriger les fautes les plus importantes qui seront assez fatales lors de l'oraux du bac.  J'espère trouver de l'aide ça serait gentil :)  The notion I'm going to deal with is ''Myths and Heroes''. To start with, i'd like to give a definition of Myth and Heroes. A myth can be defined as a story about gods or heroes, it can be a popular belief or a tradition. A hero can be a fiction figure or a real person. Heroes are admired for their achievements, often they are models or icons. To what extent can we say that people have always heroes during their lives? My presentation will fall into 3 parts : Fist of all, i will concentrate on the presence of myths and heroes in the children's life. Then I will be interested in the presence of myhs and heroes in the adult's life. Finally I will say a few words about the usefulness of having a hero. First, when we are young, myths and heroes are part and pared of our childhood, this is an entertainment; Indeed, our parents tell and read us stories or tales. For instance, many children are kind of Cinderella and Robin Hood. They are models, sometimes young people picture oneself to be in their place: moreover many girl gets smartly dressed as princesses. Doubtlessly, Heroes catch the eyes of children.Therefore children have always an heroe. Then adults also have heroes, usually real people. For instance, many people admire Coluche. He founded the "Restos du cœur" charity, that are helping many wealthy person or in difficulty. The telethon, unicef​​, or other associations are admired by bountiful people. Adults watch numerous series, they become attached to the characters, they feel affection for them. Finally, myths and heroes allow adults and children to flee and to escape their lives. Sometimes myhtes allow to forget problems, wars, violences, poverty or hunger in the world (such tales). At other times some heroes reminds these problem to help the disadvantaged people. Myths and heroes are needed in the life of any individuals, they sometimes create links (when two people with the same hero meets) I'd like to end by saying that, to my mind : Each had at least a hero, a model in their life. I strongly believer that there is no be of age for love heroes and myths. And I want to emphasize this because I think it's worth it.

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