Bonjour, serait-il possible que vous observiez en deux minutes cet oral, pour me dire s'il n'y a pas trop de fautes d'orthographe, ou bien de conjugaison s'il vous plaît. Merci d'avance. Bonne journée. To begin, the notion of spaces and exchanges concerned interactions between different societies, countries or parts of world. The human activities do part of this notion too as arts, techniques or meeting people. The immigration is also an aspect of this notion. With this definition of spaces and exchanges, al nivel of immigration, that appeared to us positive nervertheless we heard lots of trouble about that so is it negative or positive and what is these problems? In the first time, as we have just say in the introduction, there are lots of troubles worldwilde and since always. So, we can imagine that is negative especially the immigration. For certain people, the immigrants have a bad image because they think that immigrants steal job, makes problems or even they associed the immigrants at terrorist. It is the case in the document «The Decision» where the narrator is afraid to have bad image because of some people associated the Muslim religion at terrorist. Other people use to native as slaves or to have more land with mixed marriages for example so the association between different culture is hard and some people concidered themselves as superiors. This possible see that in the text «Mixed Marriage in the USA». Nevertheless, some people are in faviour of the immigration they think that the immigration is enriching for the culture and the country, they defend the mixed cultures and nationalities that the example with the policy of opening of bordery in certain country. This is for this reason there are lots of Hispanics and black people in the USA as show the document «The Changing Face of the USA population». Further, the mixed marriages where allowed because there are lots of people of differents communoties it’s the case in the document «Mixed Marriages in the USA». Lastly, thinking that the immigration is negative it’s the false idear because we need just to check the enters of the immigrants in the country to avoid the diseases and the intentions of them. We can take the example of the extract of the film «GodFather» where the immigrants arrived in boat and are controlled before enter in the territory. To concluse, the immingration is a sensitive subject for the population but we need to be open minded. Indeed, we don’t make mixture, we don’t assimilated the immigrant at terrorist or at bad person. The immigration bring enriching.

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