Bonjour, J'aimerais avoir vos avis sur l'exposé que j'ai rédigé pour la notion "Myths and Heroes": Myths and heroes I am going to talk about the notion myths and heroes. First of all I would like to give a definition of this notion: a myth is a popular story or belief that may or may not be true. Heroes are idolized for their extraordinary achievements. In order to illustrate this notion, I have chosen to talk about a famous american myth, the american dream and about a few american heroes. I will use 4 documents. The american dream is a myth that basically means that anyone who works really hard can succeed, become rich and have a great life, no matter where they come from. My first document, a picture of the statue of Liberty, situated at the entry of the port of New York, is a symbole of the american dream. It symbolises freedom and hard work. All the immigrants that came to New York by boat have dreamt about it. They all had dreams of political and religious freedom and dreams of social, professional and financial success. Many succeeded, others did not realized their american dream. My second document is a picture of Martin Luther King Jr, giving his famous speech «I have a dream» in 1963, in Washington. He became a hero in the sixties, as the leader of the African-american Civil Rights Movement. King fought all his life for equality among races, and his tragic death in 1968 turned him into a legend. Fifty years after his death, he is still seen as one of the most prominent hero of the 20th century. My third document is an extract of his speech «I have a dream». In it, King calls for an end to racism, and encourages the nation to fight, in a non-violent way for equal rights. «I have a dream» became one of the most famous speeches of all time. Even Barack Obama cites it as an inspiration. My fourth document is an article called «The Good Samaritains», published in Time Magazine in 2006. This article talks about Bill Gates, a leader of the informatic business, and Bono, a famous rockstar. What connects them is the fact that they both founded charitable foundations, and gave a lot of money to humanitarian causes. Their generosity and their efforts to help the poor have made them modern day heroes. Now one can wonder if they donate money for their public image or by sincerity. King, Gates and Bono are also great examples of the american dream, having worked really hard to attain immense levels of success. We can also relate this document to the notion «the idea of progress» as what Martin Luther King did contributed to a change in rights for black people in the USA. Merci de m'aider!Je trouve que l'introduction et le développement sont bien mais la conclusion n'est pas génial, seulement je ne sais pas quoi rajouter.

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moi je trouve que ta conclusion est bien tout est bien meme 

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