Bac oral (LV1) notion Places and forms of power Bonjour, Je passe mon oral dans peu de temps, pourriez-vous me donner vos avis s'il vous plait ? Merci pour vos réponses. I'm going to talk about the notion places and forms of power. First of all, power is the ability to influence people's behaviour, it can be relate to law, money, media, medicine or men and their opinions. Some forms of power are criticized and rejected by some people. For example this is the case of money and the consumer society. We can answer the question: What is the impact of money on the world? To answer this question, I chose two documents. The first is a poem named "money" by Benjamin Zephaniah and the second is a poster entitled "fair trade". I have chosen these documents because they offer two differents visions about the power of money. The first document « money » deals with the bad side of money. Indeed, money is define like a source of problems, it makes people selfish and isolated, the world artificial and unrealistic, it values the rich and disadvantages the poor. People are manipulated by money, for having more money they go up to kill someone. The artist denounces the consumer society, greed and the inequalities about money. This poem illustrates the notion places and forms of power because it shows that the power of money can have many horrible consequences. We saw the bad impacts of money trought a poem. Now I'm going to approach an other side of money. The second document « fair trade » talks about an alternative form of commerce. On this poster is written « when you choose coffe and fruit and clothes with fair trade you know farmers like me, moussa from Mali, can support my family, strengthen my community and protect our planet » and there are pictures instead of some words to highlight some important things. It encourages to buy products from fair trade because this trade enables to poor population to work. Moreover, it's in tune with the nature, there is not GMO. The artist wants to show that the fair trade is a good thing and encourages to do a good deed. It's an interesting illustration of the notion places and forms of power as it shows a good way to use the power of money. In my opinion, money can be a really good thing when it is used for helping the poor population, the disabled persons or the victims of a natural disaster for example. However, it can be dangerous when people give too much importance to money, and when money orders their lives. Moreover, money creates inequalities between rich who have the advantages and the poor who have the disadvantages. For some sociologists, this is the cause of many problems in the world. To conclude, there are mixed impacts about the money, it can be have social impacts like the isolation, the fake world that the money creates, the conflicts and death because of money for example. Nevertheless it can be beneficial when it is used for a good cause and helps people in need. We can also relate the second document to the notion idea of progress because the fair trade is an improvement in trade system and in the social conditions..

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bonjour ton texte est bien structuré mais il faut que tu sois sure de toi de bien prononcer les mots et de retenir tout ce texte sinon impecable bonne chance pour ton oral

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