Por favor alguien que me ayude, necesito 15 oraciones en ingles del cuento los tres cerditos y el lobo

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-“It wlll only take a day,’ he said. The others disagreed. -“It’s too fragile,” they said disapprovingly, but he refused to listen. Not quite so lazy, the second little pig went in search of planks of seasoned wood - “Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!” It took him two days to nail them together. - But the third little pig did not like the wooden house. “That’s not the way to build a house!” he said. - “It takes time, patience and hard work to build a house that is strong enough to stand up to wind, rain, and snow, and most of all, protect us from the wolf!” - The days went by, and the wisest little pig’s house took shape, brick by brick. From time to time, his brothers visited him, saying with a chuckle: - “Why are you working so hard? Why don’t you come and play?” But the stubborn bricklayer pig just said “no”. - “I shall finish my house first. It must be solid and sturdy. - And then I’ll come and play!” he said. “I shall not be foolish like you! For he who laughs last, laughs longest!” It was the wisest little pig that found the tracks of a big wolf in the neighbourhood. -The little pigs rushed home in alarm. -Along came the wolf, scowling fiercely at the laziest pig’s straw hut. - “Come out!” ordered the wolf, his mouth watering. - -I want to speak to you!” “I’d rather stay where I am!” replied the little pig in a tiny voice -“Come back!” he roared, trying to catch the pig as he ran into the wooden house. The other little pig greeted his brother, shaking like a leaf. -“I hope this house won’t fall down! Let’s lean against the door so he can’t break in!”

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