muchos ejemplos de passive voice

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se forma con BE + PARTICIPIO PASADO 1. I clean my room every day. My room is cleaned by me every day. 2. Tom bought a nice present yesterday. A nice present was bought by Tom yesterday 3. Ann will sing a beautiful song. A beautiful song will be sung by Ann. 4. Ben repaired my computer yesterday. My computer was repaired by Ben yesterday. 5. My sister is making a tasty cake now. A tasty cake is being made by my sister now. 6. We have bought tickets to the concert. Tickets to the concert have been bought by us. 7. Helen teaches French at school. French is taught by Helen at school. 8. They grow strawberries every year. Strawberries are grown by them every year. 9. Tim sent an SMS to his friend. An SMS was sent by Tim to his friend. 10. She has written a test today. A test has been written by her today. 11. They visited that museum yesterday. That museum was visited by them yesterday. 12. I am watching a football match now. A football match is being watched by me now. 13. Pam has found the keys in the table. The keys have been found by Pam in the table. 14. Mona is washing the clothes now. The clothes are being washed by Mona now. 15. You have made a lot of mistakes. A lot of mistakes have been made by you. 16. Bill will bring sandwiches. Sandwiches will be brought by Bill. 17. They attend lectures every day. Lectures are attended by them every day. 18. We are meeting the relatives now. The relatives are being met by us now. 19. He will copy this text. The text will be copied by him. 20. He has bought a new car. A new car has been bought by him. 21. We are playing volley-ball now. Volley-ball is being played by us now. 22. Our teacher explained the rule. The rule was explained by the teacher. 23.  She translates the texts every day. The texts are translated by her every day. 24. She is watching a comedy film now. A comedy film is being watched by her now. 25. He put the candle on the table. The candle was put by him on the table. 26. Pam has bought a new ring recently. A new ring has been bought by Pam recently. 27. He will correct the mistakes. The mistakes will be corrected by him. 28. I have got a beautiful present. A beautiful present has been got by me. 29. The cat dropped the vase yesterday. The vase was dropped by the cat yesterday. 30. I am playing the piano now. The piano is being played by me now. 31. He has turned off the TV set. The TV set has been turned off by him. 32. We receive e-mails every day. E-mails are received by us every day. 33. Nick is eating an ice-cream now. An ice-cream is being eaten by Nick now. 34. She will lend money to her friend. Money will be lent by her to her friend. 35. I visit Paris every year. Paris is visited by me every year. 36. He has already prepared the report. The report has already been prepared by him.

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