Hola necesito 10 oraciones de A lot - a few y a little 10 de cada una

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Con a little 1.- I would like just a little cheese please 2.-Just a little more to the right  3.-It will take just a little longer  4.-Just a little bit  5.-Go just a little faster 6.-Just a little love in the mornings  7.-Stay just a little longer 8.-I'm just a little stronger than she is  9.-I would like just a little chiken  10.-Just a little water in the morning Con a few  1.-I want just a few things 2.-I have just a few more questions  3.-We are in need of just a few more people  4.-Wait just a few minutes please  5.-I have but just a few coins 6.-In just a few days we'll be on our way to Wales  7.-Draw me just a few designs  8.-Practice just a few times 9.-I have just a few  shoes 10.-I want just a few books Con a lot of 1.-“There are a lot of animals in the zoo 2.-“Do you drink a lot of coffee? 3.-A lot of time is needed to learn a language. 4.-She has lost a lot of weight. 5.-A lot of my friends think it is going to be a war. 6.-That dog has a lot of fleas.  7.-Are there a lot of people inside?  8.-Our teacher gave us a lot of homework. 9.-I have had a lot of problems lately.  10.-One million dollars is a lot of money! 

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