conversacion en ingles de navidad de 4 personas

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Aquí tienes una corta conversación entre cuatro personas situada en la época de Navidad Kristen: Hey, guys! What’s up? Carol: Everything’s great! We’re here buying some Christmas presents Sara: Yes, we’re almost done Natasha: Me too, almost there Michelle: I’m doing that too! I am so behind. I can’t believe that tomorrow is Christmas already! See you guys tomorrow. The next day, at Christmas… Carol: Hey! Merry Christmas, Kristen! Kristen: Same to you! Sara: Are you guys having fun so far? Natasha: Yes, we are! Kristen: What a spectacular day! Carol: It is pretty great, the snow looks heavenly. Sara: It’s so good that we are can be here all together, that's the best thing that could happen at Christmas! Michelle: It's true! Carol: Yes, I'm having great a great time with you guys. Let’s hope that this happens every year! 

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