Buenas noches me podrían ayudar por favor con esta tarea de ingles la necesito urgente responder cual es la respuesta A) B) C) D) 1) Past continuous A) I was cooking B) I were cooking C) I was cooked D) I were cooked 2) The word WOLF means: A) lobo B) golf C) nada D) lava 3) Replace the names with a pronoun: Maria, Peter and I are friends. A) They B) We C) You D) He 4) The word BEDROOM means: A) ba B) sala C) dormitorio D) salon 5) Complete the sentence: My brothers _____ nice A) is B) are C) will D) was 6) complete the sentence: I ____ to find a new job at the moment A) am trying B) tried C) tries D) is 7) Put word present progressive: to die A) paing B) dying C) dieing D) dy 8) The word NARROW means: A) angosto B) estrecho C) corto D) alto 9) Choose the right answer: Do you have a boyfriend? A) Yes, I don B) No, I do C) Yes, I do D) Yes, I am 10) past simple: A) she walked B) she walking C) she walks D) she walk 11) Choose the right word: ____ she been practicing golf? A) have B) has C) is D) will 12) Complete the sentence. I ___ my keys last night A) lost B) lose C) losted D) loses 13) Put this in English: Marcos fue a comer helado A) Marcos brings ice cream B) Marcos and ice cream C) Marcos went to eat ice cream D) Marcos sells ice cream 14) Put the sentence in the right way: didn A) make I didn B) I make the cake didn C) didn D) I didn 15) put it in English: mi madre estuvo en Francia A) My mom was in France B) My mom were in France C) My mom lived in France D) My mom is in France

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la primera es- b la segunta es -a la tercera es - b la cuarta es - c la quinta es -a la sexta es- a la septima es- d la octaba es -a la novena es -d la decima es- d la onceaba es- d la doceaba es - a la treceaba es-a la catorceaba es -b la ultima es- d


1) A 2) A 3) A 4) C 5) B 6) A 7) B 8) A 9) NO HAY, LA RESPUESTA SERIA YES I HAVE O NO I DONT HAVE 10) A 11) B 12) A 13) C  14) I DIDN'T MAKE THE CAKE  15) A

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