alguien que me ayude con un reportaje. es en ingles. un trabajo final me piden

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Algo tarde pero aquí lo tengo... Good morning everyone, me and my team were in the center where the collapse occurred, according to the victims the construction was in a very bad state but they continued to insist on building what today is only dust and ruins.What happened was practically the disappearance of this construction, because the wall was in a fragile state and had many cracks, which finally collapsed and it demolished the rest of the construction. This was going to be a building of restaurants and shopping centers, the most unfortunate thing is that up to now there are 7 corpses and 4 missing, still workers are looking on the ground in the hope of finding their colleagues.From the news center, with my news team I wish you a happy day, see you later. Totalmente escrito por mí, espero que te sirva adiosss.

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