Writing to explain. You are allowed. To spend. $125. For new. Clothes. You find a sweater that costs. $29.99, a jacket that costs $35.00. And 2. Pairs of socks. For. $3.25 each. You want to. Know. How many pairs. Of. Shoes. You can buy for. $22.50. Per. Pair. Identify. A hidden. Question. That you need to answer. To find how. Many pairs of shoes. You can buy. Then. Calculate. The number. Of pairs. Of shoes. You can buy. Show your. Work

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Add  the cost of your sweater, cost of your jacket and cost of your socks together. Then subtract that from $125. Then whatever your answer is divide that by $22.50 and you will find out how many pairs of shoes you can buy. 


First you need to add the cost of everything then you want to subtract by $125 . When your done your going to have 71.49 try to find how many time can 22.50 go into 71.49 which is 3 times with 3.99 dollars left over . Hope it helps ❤️

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