Write two to three sentences in which you compare and contrast the messages of the advertisement and the speech. Include examples to support your explanation.

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I would say that an advertisement mainly is aimed at selling things so most likely will show a picture of the thing to be sold or show it on a TV and will explain its' qualities and what it can do for the consumer like ads for herbs on TV that go into great detail about people's ailments and how a particular herb or mixture of herbs can provide relief or even a cure for the ailments, for example.  A speech on the other hand may be about, say an injustice such as Susan B. Anthony's speech about suffrage for women in the US in which she discusses the glaring contradiction between the US constitution providing for the liberty of its citizens and yet disenfranchising at least 1/2 of its citizens of the vote. So she is trying to influence the thinking of her fellow US citizens so that they will support her campaign to bring the vote to women. 

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