write an article on the inroads that computer have made in our lives today and the manner in which they have become so inseparable part of youngsters life .write the article in not more than 300 words

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From the moment of birth, children are curious about the world. They see, hear, touch, smell, and even taste. This period of discovery is becoming increasingly hampered by computers. To adults, computers are irreplaceable. They enable them to connect, learn, and work. To small children they are simply a tool used to spend time having fun. This precious time is something better spent exploring the world we live in. Rather than growing and learning, they plop down in front of a laptop and watch Tom & Jerry all day long. Sure, our childhoods wouldn't be the same with out a few cartoons, but watching Netflix for several hours a day is not the path future generations should walk. Yet, how do parents limit computer time when they themselves carry a computer around in their pocket 24/7?

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