Write a relation of four ordered pairs that is not a function. Explain why it is not a function. Write an equation of a line with slope 0. Describe the graph of the equation. Write a function involving absolute value for which f(-2) = 3.

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(1,2), (1,3) , (1,4) , (1,5)......this is not a function because a function will NEVER have repeating x values...they can have repeating y values, just not the x ones. a line with a slope of 0....... learn this... HOY -- horizontal line, 0 slope, represented by y = a number VUX -- vertical line, undefined slope, represented by x = a number so ur line with a slope of 0 is : y = (pick a number...any number)....y = 4 or y = 5 or y = 6...etc f(-2) = 3......with an absolute value.... f(x) = | x - 1| <==

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