WILL GIVE A BRAINLIEST IF UR RIGHT PLEASE HELP ASAP!! Simplify the expression (3x^4/2y^3)^2. A. 9x^8/4y^6 B. 6x^8/4y^6 C. 6x^6/4y^5 D. 9x^6/4y^5

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I think the answer is A


Cuz it's the same thing, I will show you the steps into completing all of these problems. It will be my last answer before I go to bed. 1) Understand the coefficients, variables, and powers in your problem.     a) The coefficient (3) is multiplied by x to the power of 4     b) The coefficient (2) is multiplied by y to the power of 3     c) Everything in the bracket is raised to the power of 2 By understanding these, we can proceed to answer. 2) Remove the exponent on the outside of the brackets by raising all coefficients/variables to the power of the exponent, which in this case is 2. Note that no matter what, the coefficient and variable that is attached to each other is never split apart. Let's list off all coefficients and variables within the bracket. 3¹, x⁴, 2¹, y³ Now, we will use the following exponent laws: [latex]1) (x^{y})^z = x^y^*^z 2) x^1 = x[/latex] Let's raise all the variables and coefficients to the power of 2. a) 3¹ = 3     3 ---> 3⁽²⁾ = 9 b) x⁴⁽²⁾ ---> x⁴ˣ² = x⁸ c) 2¹ = 2     2 ---> 2² = 4 d) y³ --> y³ˣ² = y⁶ This whole process can also be written as: 3²x⁴ˣ² / 2²y³ˣ² Now we have successfully removed the exponent attached to the bracket. Now refer to step 1 to see which coefficients and variables are attached together (which is ac and bd). Now you should end up with this: 9x⁸ / 4y⁶ Because the fraction above cannot be simplified, that is the answer. Therefore the answer is 9x⁸ / 4y⁶, which is A. If this doesn't help I can't help any further.

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