Why were roads significant to the roman republic and ancient cultures and religions of the same time period

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The Roman Empire was immense by anyone's standards in the height of its glory. In order to keep control of this vast empire, the Romans realized very soon that they would need good roads to send out armies, send notes, receive goods from other lands and traveling people on the way to Rome needed an easy way to travel. Other ancient cultures also used roads to travel to and from far away destinations. Before there were known waterways around the ancient world to move people and goods, the best way was by camels, foot and wagons. Examples of these would be the Silk Road from China to Europe and the Theban Desert Road from Egypt. All of these places needed to move their wares. In Egypt, the roads were also important to building the Pyramids and other great structures. The chariots used by Pharaoh needed smooth roads to travel by.  Along these same roads and well-worn paths, religious leaders would also walk to spread their religion. Most people traveled by foot to get from place to place.

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