why is yeast placed in kingdom protista why is it not placed in kingdom funji???

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The kingdom, protista’s characteristics are that the organism (not a plant, animal or fungus) are: unicellular however some are multicellular like algae, are heterotrophic or autotrophic, others lives in water while some live in moist areas or human body, have a nucleus, cellular respiration is primarily aerobic, some are pathogenic (e.g. causing Malaria) and reproduction is mitosis or meiosis. This kingdom includes: Sacordinians – pseudopods (e.g. Amoeba, Foraminiferans.), Zooflagellates – flagellates (e.g. Trypanosoma gambiense), Ciliaphorans – ciliates (e.g. paramecium) and Sporozoans (e.g. Plasmodium).    

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