Which text in these excerpts from Book 12 of Homer's Odyssey portray the theme of leadership? "'Oh stay, O pride of Greece! Ulysses, stay! Oh cease thy course, and listen to our lay! Blest is the man ordain'd our voice to hear, The song instructs the soul, and charms the ear. Approach! thy soul shall into raptures rise! Approach! and learn new wisdom from the wise! . . . "Meantime, forgetful of the voice divine, All dreadful bright my limbs in armour shine; High on the deck I take my dangerous stand, Two glittering javelins lighten in my hand; Prepared to whirl the whizzing spear I stay, Till the fell fiend arise to seize her prey. . . . "Struck with despair, with trembling hearts we view'd The yawning dungeon, and the tumbling flood; When lo! fierce Scylla stoop'd to seize her prey, Stretch'd her dire jaws, and swept six men away. Chiefs of renown! loud-echoing shrieks arise; I turn, and view them quivering in the skies; They call, and aid with outstretch'd arms implore; In vain they call! those arms are stretch'd no more. . . . "'O friends! O ever exorcised in care! Hear Heaven's commands, and reverence what ye hear! To fly these shores the prescient Theban shade And Circe warn! Oh be their voice obey'd Some mighty woe relentless Heaven forebodes: Fly these dire regions, and revere the gods!'

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the ones where the guy is helping the people without being like super bossy but hes still trying to tell his crew what to do to keep them safe

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