Which numbers are solutions to the inequality x < −4, using the replacement set {−10, −4.3, −4, −3.9, 2}? Choose all answers that are correct. A. −10 B. −4.3 C. −3.9 D. 2

(1) Answers

on a number line, with the negative numbers on the left and the positive number on the right the smaller the number, the farther it is to the left so if you plot them on the number line -10 is less than -4 because it is to the left of -4 so which make the statement true what numbers are less than -4 -10 is to the left so this is an answer A -4.3 is to the left so this is also an answer B -3.9 is greater than becasue it is to the right so this is not answer C 2 is positive and to the right so it is not answer D the correct answers are A and B

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