Which is an example of transforming potential energy to kinetic energy? Check all that apply. changing thermal energy to electrical energy changing chemical energy to thermal energy changing nuclear energy to radiant energy changing radiant energy to electrical energy changing mechanical energy to chemical energy

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The answer is changing chemical energy into thermal energy.  Kinetic energy is the energy possessed by a moving object. That is energy gained by body due to virtue of its movement or motion. We calculate when some work is done onto to the body to set in motion. We calculate it as KE = 12 mv2. Potential energy is stored energy within a physical system as a result of the configuration or position of the different parts of that system. It has potential to be converted into the forms of energy such as kinetic energy and to do work in the process. PE = mgh (h would be the height of the body from reference point. When no other form of energy is created or lost in motion of a body them from a law of Conservation of energy we can say that Potential energy of the body converts to Kinetic energy.

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