Which expressions are equivalent to the expression −6x + 8? Select all that apply. 1. −2(3x + 4) 2. 2(−3x + 4) 3. 5(x + 1) − 11x + 3 4. x + 2 − 7x + 6 5. 8 − 6x

(1) Answers

The only one that doesn't work is number one. All you have to do is simplify the expressions and see if they are the same as -6x+8, because that is in its simplest term. 1.) -2(3x+4) You multiply the numbers outside the parentheses into it. -2×(3x) plus -2×4 =-6x-8 which isn't equal to 6x+8 2.)2(-3x)+2(4)= -6x+8= 3.)5(x)+5(1) is the first half which equals 5x+5. 5x+5-11x+3. Now combine like terms. Like terms are terms that have the same value of x. So 5x and -11x are like and 5 and 3 are like. 5+3+5x-11x 8-6x= -6x+8 4.)Again, combine like terms. X-7x+2+6 -6x+8= 5.)The problem is just rearranged, the 6x is still negative and the 8 is still positive. Hopefully this helped.

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