When you take 300 people and you divied that by 36. what would you get?

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To solve this you are going to divide, [latex] \frac{300}{36} [/latex] [latex] \frac{300}{36} = \frac{25}{3} (Decimal: 8.333333)[/latex] Alright so the decimal is 8.333333 and we can just round that. So lets round it to the tens, all you have to do is look to the number next to it. 8.333333 And if its 5 or greater you round up, and if its 4 or less you keep it the same, so sense this is 3 and that is not 5 or up, then we can keep 3 as it is, so our rounded number is 8.3 Final answer: [latex] \frac{25}{3} (Decimal:8.3)[/latex]

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