what were the main causes of wold war 2

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There are a lot of reasons WW2 started but here are the main ones like you asked.. 1.) The Treaty of Versailles 2.) Hitler and Hitler's actions 3.) League of Nations


If we analyze things, I could say that WW1 was simply a precursor to WW2. WW1 was resolved at the Treaty of Paris, by making Germany pay a huge fine for causing such damage and chaos. Anyways, we could also point our fingers on the Great Depression, which caused several countries suffer major economic decline. Germany was one of the countries who were terribly hit by the Depression. During this time as well, Hitler was rising to power, along with his Nazi party, gaining the sympathy and trust of the German masses. Hitler saw to it that it was not fair to make Germany pay for that fine. Hitler also wanted to expand Germany, and Japan shared the same ambition. Thus, Germany, Japan, and Italy became allies. By 1939, Germany began to make aggressive actions by expanding Germany to Austria and Czechoslovakia. This made Britain and France disturbed, warning Germany that they would declare war in the event Germany invades Poland. A non-aggression pact was made by Germany and Russia regarding Poland, however, Germany still invaded Poland. Another factor to this is the sharing of resources. Japan was cut off from trade from colonized Asia. In fact, it wasn't even allowed to enter the colonies. Japan saw itself as Asia's liberators from Western colonizers, only to replace themselves in power. Japan also had a slogan: "Asia for the Asians". And as we know, Japan will later attack Pearl Harbor, and the rest they say is history.

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