What is formed when two atoms of bromine bond together? (1) a monatomic molecule (2) a diatomic molecule (3) a heterogeneous mixture (4) a homogeneous mixture Gold can be flattened into an extremely thin sheet. The malleability of gold is due to the (1) radioactive decay mode of the isotope Au-198 (2) proton-to-neutron ratio in an atom of gold (3) nature of the bonds between gold atoms (4) reactivity of gold atoms

(2) Answers

The answer for question 1 is (2) diatomic molecule. The answer for question 2 is (3) nature of bonds


Question One: (2) A diatomic molecule Question two: (3) nature of bonds between gold atoms More on question two: Gold and metals in general are malleable because of the so called "sea of valence electrons", which is generally unstable allowing it to be malleable and conductive.

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