What are some of the ways the writers in this unit present the relationship between Englan and the rest of the world? describe some of these relationships

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I'm assuming you're a Connections student too? I just finished this test a few minutes ago haha I wrote about that many colonies of England most likely hated them like the Burmese did. Most of England's colonies were taken by force. Honestly I didn't read most of the poems and that was one of the few that I did read, so I kind of just left it there. If you do know more than I suggest expanding on this a bit more for your answer. Good luck!


I think writers in the modern era presented the relationship between England and the rest of the world through a negative lens. George Orwell, for example, often wrote about his extreme distaste towards British imperialism, where most of his inspiration came from his stay in Burma (now known as Myanmar). The Burmese people were oppressed by British imperialism, and this is symbolized through Orwell's short story, "Shooting An Elephant". Judging by this information, writers were most likely beginning to develop negative views concerning British involvement in other countries' affairs

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