use the function rule, y= 2x+5, to find the values of y when x =1,2,3,4. write the answers as ordered pairs that would be used to graph the function. show your work

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y=2(1)+5,,, y=2+5 then y=7 (1,7).....y=2(2)+5,,,y=4+5 then y=9 (2,9) .....y=2(3)+5,,, y=6+5 then y=11 (3,11)........ y=2(4)+5,,,,y=8+5 then y=13 (4,13) when solving for the y you just have to substitute the values of the x given one by one ..... for the ordered pairs -.... ex. in first equation the given value of x is 1..... so we know that is the value of x and by substituting you can find the value of y which turned to be 7 ,,, to write it (1,7) 1 is the x and 7 is the y ((x,y)

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