Triangle MNO has been dilated to form triangle MꞌNꞌOꞌ. What is the scale factor? Two triangles graphed on a coordinate grid. One triangle has coordinates M (one, negative three), N (negative two, zero), O (two, one). The other triangle has coordinates M-prime (one and five-tenths, negative four and five-tenths), N-prime (negative three, zero), O-prime (three, one and five-tenths). Side M O is labeled four, and side M-prime, O-prime is labeled six.

(1) Answers

All given data are: M(1,-3), N(-2, 0) and O(2,1), M’(1 5/10, -4 5/10), N’(-3,0) and O’(3, 1 5/10) Side MO=4, and side M’O’=6. We will find the scale factor. The simple method for finding the scale factor is the use of the following formula: SF= LL / SL, SF= scale factor, LL=the larger length, SL = the smaller length. Since Side MO=4, and side M’O’=6, we can deduce that SF=6/4= 3/2, the scale factor is SF=3/2

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