The table below shows the ticket rates for whale watching trips offered by Beluga Fun Tours: Age. Ticket price Under 3 yrs. Free 3 to 12 yrs. $34 Over 12 yrs. $45 On a certain day, the company took 103 people on a whale watching trips. There were 64 children aged 12 and under, of which some children were under 3 years. If x represents the number of children under 3 years, which equation can be used to find the value x, where C represents the total amount of money collected from tickets that day? A. (64-x)34+(103-64)×45=C B. (103+x)34+(103-(64+x))×45=C C. (103-x)34+(103-64)×45=C D. (64+x)34+(103-(64+x))×45=C

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Answer should be A. ----hope it helps--------

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